There is one simple motive behind blogging – getting your voice heard. Making money, self-branding is also important but the joy that comes with seeing you have a regular reader-base, who admire your writing and take your opinions- seriously, nothing beats that! But creating a loyal user-base requires a lot of effort.

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Lets clear out one thing first, there is no way you can publish one single blog at different time intervals targeting different marketing segments. That's not how WordPress Blogs work. When you publish a blog it is made available to anyone from anywhere around the world with an internet connection.

However, you can put a view restrictions on your blogs. This practice has been around for a long time. WordPress users usually follow this practice to differentiate between PRO and FREE content on their WordPress Website. By doing that, they are making a certain piece of blog available to only their PRO users.

But let's not digress too much. Let's answer the question of how you can pick the best time for publishing blog content from your WordPress Blog.

What will be your motive to publish content at peak hours? Well, if you can track down the exact hour-figure when the majority of your users are online and have some free time to spare for reading your blog, that increases your chances of getting more overall traffic and engagement.

What is the Best Time For Publishing Blogs?

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Now before we answer the question of what is the best time to publish blogs, let's analyze what happens before and after you publish a blog. Things that come before blog publishing are planning for content, setting deadlines, conducting research, assigning authors, assigning authors who will review the draft. Things that come after blog publishing are social shares, news-letters, and necessary updates.

Most interestingly, the before and after publishing-tasks all revolve around the time you pick to publish a blog post. These reasons make it of utmost importance to pick the right time for publishing blog content.

Achieve your Objectives by Picking a suitable Publish Time

Now, this approach is a good one, but we advise you not to pick this approach. We will get to our reasons for saying that in a minute. But let's see how it works.

Before starting any calendar year you should finalize the topics you want to write on. Once that has been finalized, you should go ahead and assign authors to your selected topics. Instead of sticking to a Yearly Content Plan, you might even find it more feasible to stick to a monthly plan. Then comes the need for regular monitoring and supervision, reviewing, suggesting improvements. And when you receive content that matches your expectations you mark it green on your Content Calendar.

The core objective of this plan is to ensure that you are meeting your content quotas for each month. Now let's answer why this approach is backdated.

Publish Content at Peak Hours

Years before when there was a very limited number of WordPress Websites, people could only find a handful of resources to find answers to their questions. But now there are Billions of WordPress Websites. Competition is high for every key-word. If you fail to make it to the top of the Search Results Page within days of publishing, chances are your blog will never rank high on the Search Results Pages.

Man in a watch typing
Man in a watch typing. Picture by Brad Neathery on Unsplash.

What is the Best Time For Publishing Blogs?

There are two tasks you need to perform before you can form a solid strategy to publish your blog content. First, you need to identify peak hours for your Blogs. And next, you need to schedule your blog posts.

Identify Peak Hours

To identify Peak Hours for your WordPress Website you need to generate a Visits Per Hour Report using Google Analytics. To do so log in to your Google Analytics Account and navigate to the “Custom Reporting” Tab. From there click on the “New Custom Report” Tab.

Next, you need to specify the appropriate dimensions to your report. For identifying the Peak hours, select Visits and Organic Searches as your primary dimensions and secondly select the “Hour” from the “Other” drill-down. After your report is ready, you can see visits divided into hours.

Reading Recommendation: View hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly data on Google Analytics

Are You New to Blogging?

But if you are new to blogging you will not have a peak hour as you haven't published a single blog yet. What will you do then? The solution for that is you deploy a trial and error method. You start off by publishing a couple of blogs during the first few months of your blogging career at random hours.

Be Confident Enough to Run a Trial

But by random hours I don't mean publishing blogs the moment they are ready. You can build some simple assumptions such as your target audience are all working citizens, that is why the most feasible timing for publishing new blogs will be after office hours i.e. after 5:00 PM in the afternoon.

Another assumption can be, most working-class internet users have an hour or two of spare time after dinner. After dinner, heavy professionals prefer sipping on a tea and reading for pleasure. If you want to reach that audience, the best time to publish new content will be after 8:00 PM.

You Can Always Learn From your Competition

Don't worry! You might not feel confident enough to run this Trial and Error all by yourself, making your own assumptions about what time will work best for you. To resolve any kind of doubt, there is another thing you can do.

First, write down the 10 most popular websites that you consider as your competition. After that individually go through their websites and analyze at what time they are publishing their content. That should help you with your trial and error approach.

There is another important aspect of Content Marketing, you might have a large user base living in a foreign country. To make sure you are publishing content at a time that matches their time zone, you should always use a time converter. Although after a couple of months you will get used to the time zone difference. You can use the Every Time Zone online tool. This slider tool lets you pick a time and see how it responds to other time zones.

Bonus: Editorial Plugin for WordPress

If you are serious about blogging and have picked WordPress for your blogging platform, we want to share a remarkable content scheduling tool with you all. WP Scheduled Posts is a WordPress Post Schedule Plugin and the most popular one of its kind.

WP Scheduled Post comes up with a tabbed design layout that allows you to configure everything from one place. The Settings panel includes a toggle switch option so that you can easily play around and keep the features you want.

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This plugin comes with a stunning interface that will improve the way you have been dealing with the Editorial Calendars for WordPress. By using its amazing drag & drop feature, you can effortlessly move your content from one date to another and change its status. WP Scheduled Post will help you schedule your content months in advance.

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WP Scheduled Post also comes with a Pagination feature. Using this feature you can now check out the list of contents you have scheduled in the admin bar in an impressive layout.

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Moreover, you can schedule Social Share messages for Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin using this amazing Content Marketing and Management WordPress Plugin.

Get WP Scheduled Post For FREE!

Wrap Up!

So there you go! Now you know how important it is to publish content at the best suited time. Moreover, you also know how you can identify the peak hours for publishing your Content. And lastly you learned how WP Scheduled Post can help you with Content Marketing and Management. All the very best with your blogging career. Do leave a comment below if you have any further queries. Cheers!

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