How Does Manual Scheduler Work?

Follow this below guideline to learn how you can manually schedule your WordPress blog posts:

Step 1: Navigate to wp-admin -> Scheduled Posts. Afterward, simply switch to the ‘Manage Schedule' tab. Then use the Toggle to turn on “Manual Scheduler”.

Manual Scheduler

Step 2: Use the dropdown to “Select Days” and “Time” to set the scheduled time for that particular day as per your preference.  Make sure to click on the “Save Schedule” button.

Manual Scheduler


Step 3: Now go to the Posts section of your WordPress dashboard and create a new one or select a draft.  

For Classic Editor: #

Under the “Publish” metabox, you would see the “Schedule” time appearing as per your chosen schedule day and time.

The closest schedule day to your current day will appear in the “Publish” metabox. If the current day is “Monday” then it will show the “Monday” schedule time given the set day and time hasn’t already passed yet.

How Does Manual Scheduler Work? 1

For Gutenberg Editor:

With the Gutenberg Editor, you would find the ‘Schedule' option in the right side under the ‘Document' tab. You have the flexibility to use the drop-down menu ‘Schedule At' to choose the Schedule Time & Data that you have already set from the settings.

Besides, you will be able to schedule from the next closest 5 schedule Time & Date. Simply just select the preferred time and click on the ‘Schedule' button from the top right of your page. Your post will then be scheduled.

How Does Manual Scheduler Work? 2


Step 4: After a schedule is set, it will then look for the next closest schedule day & time. You will then be able to schedule the post on that particular day & time. That’s how it goes in a cycle.

How Does Manual Scheduler Work? 3


For the case of Gutenberg Editor, you will no longer see the time & date which you have used to schedule a post. You will then get to schedule your contents based on the next 5 available time slots from the drop-down menu.

How Does Manual Scheduler Work? 4

This is how you can easily manually schedule all your posts in your chosen day and time. Got stuck? Don’t worry. You can contact our support team here.