Benefits of Elementor Pro – Why You Should Get The Premium Version

Elementor is not just an advanced page builder, rather its a freedom of web design that lets you express your story with stunning ready-to-use layouts. Not just you can drag and drop to create a landing page, rather Elementor Pro lets you visualize the story line that will resonate with your visitor.

Benefits of Elementor Pro - Why You Should Get The Premium Version 1

Revamped The Page Building Experience Forever

Elementor has revamped the whole page building experience and changed the way we use page builder. In such a short time, Elementor got 4 million Active and happy users in WordPress.org, because of the super user-friendly experience that we never had before. Customizing WordPress theme and creating landing pages has been so easy that even a non-developer can build a visually stunning website without coding skill.

Why Do You Need Elementor PRO?

Since you are reading this piece of content, let’s assume you are either using Elementor or considering to use it heavily. If you are using Elementor free version and confused about whether you should take the risk and go for Elementor PRO or not, then here we are. In this post, we will try to help you to decide by discussing the differences between the Free and Pro version of Elementor Page Builder. We will explore the key points of Elementor PRO that will help you to create a more professional design in order to increase leads and conversions.

Elementor Pro Brings 50+ Widgets That You Never Had Before!

Elementor pro

Elementor has classified all of its elements into 4 Clusters- Basic, PRO, Theme and WooCommerce Elements. You get the Basic Elements with the Free Version, which has a total of 30 Elements.

But with Elementor Pro, you will get access to 50+ advanced elements from other three clusters which will make your design more interactive and functional. Before the Elementor era, either we had to code for using each of these elements or we used to install separate plugins to use any of these features. And now, you can just drag and drop to use these advanced and powerful elements on your site.

Customize Every Part of Your Theme With Elementor Theme Builder

Theme Builder will get the spotlight if we start differentiating the Elementor free and pro version. With Elementor 2.0, they introduced the Elementor Theme Builder which works on any theme and gives you the freedom to design just the way you want. You can create Custom Header/Footer, Design Search, 404 Pages and also create templates that determine the layout of your site’s blog posts.

Basically, Elementor Theme Builder eliminates the importance of using a specific theme, as you are free to design your every page just the way you want.

Get Access To Full Template Library & Save Times

elementor pro

Elementor Free version brings few templates but when you will start using them, you will get stuck with other exclusive templates which are limited only for PRO users.

Once you get the Pro version, you will get to choose from 300+ beautifully crafted templates, designed to fit every industry niche you might need. Furthermore, it comes with Theme Templates as well. Visually customize several templates on your site: your header, footer, single, archive, product and more.

Add Custom CSS & See Live Preview

elementor pro

Old habits die hard. If you are used to adding CSS for custom design, you don’t have to give up that habit. Even if you just need some custom CSS to enhance the functionality,  Elementor PRO allows you to add custom CSS to anywhere and you can see the live preview. This is one power components for which web developers will choose the Elementor Pro instead of free version.

Save Your Favorite Widget & Reuse It From Global Widgets

With Elementor Pro, you can save the widget that you have created spending quite a few times. Using Global Widget settings and reuse the widget on any page with a simple drag and drop. After you are done creating a fancy widget, you can easily save it and later you can use the widget as many places on your website as you need.

Global Widget set Conditions for it, which will stipulate exactly where your global templates appear across your site but you save the huge times anyway. Unfortunately, free users don't have access to Global Widget and for this huge time-saving functionality, you have to use your wallet.

Embed Anything Anywhere 

Benefits of Elementor Pro - Why You Should Get The Premium Version 2

Life could be easier if you could embed the design template anywhere you want, right? Well, with Elementor Pro you can get the shortcode for any template and embed it anywhere on your website you want.

Integrate With WooCommerce Easily Without Any Coding 

elementor pro

There are a total of 6 WoCommerce widgets. Five of them come with the PRO version. Including Price Table Widget, Woo Products Widget, Woo Categories Widget, Woo Add To Cart Widget and Woo Elements Widget, all of these could be used only if you have the premium version of Elementor.

Make It Interactive With Dynamic Contents

Benefits of Elementor Pro - Why You Should Get The Premium Version 3

Dynamic Pages like Blog pages have dynamic content. You will have different texts, media files and layout in different blog pages. Similarly, their relative sequence and positions will also vary from post to post. By using dynamic widgets, building dynamic pages is just as easy as building static ones.

Use Email Integration To Automate Your Marketing Efforts

elementor pro

Email integration is quite important and hassles for the non-developer people. With Elementor pro, you don't even have to think about it anymore as you can integrate Elementor with top Email marketing Tools like MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, Campaign Monitor, HubSpot, Zapier, GetResponse and automate your marketing efforts.

Do More Customization With Advanced blocks

Benefits of Elementor Pro - Why You Should Get The Premium Version 4

You don't want to use the ready template rather you would prefer to customize your pages using advanced blocks? Well, Elementor Pro version unlocks a good number of the advanced block. And you can build your page piece by piece using it. It will fasten your page building experience but your pages will look nothing like the anything else.

Integrate With Forms Within Minute

Benefits of Elementor Pro - Why You Should Get The Premium Version 5

With the PRO version, even you will create and integrate your forms easily with drag and drop elements. You will get Contact, Subscription, Login, Action After Submit, Confirmation Email, Email HTML/Plain, Custom Messages, Advanced Form fields, Hidden Fields, Acceptance Field and HoneyPot to customize the form just the way you prefer.

Use Ready Pricing Table & List For Your Product

Benefits of Elementor Pro - Why You Should Get The Premium Version 6

Showcase your pricing plans in a flexible and stunning fashion, including elements like ribbons, features, discount and every aspect of the price table. Using Elementor Premium, you can just create pricing page easily. No need to code or install another plugin just for creating a pricing page.

Design Header & Footer Menu Just The Way You Want

Benefits of Elementor Pro - Why You Should Get The Premium Version 7

At the starting, customizing the header and footer was quite difficult in Elementor. But the Elementor team is constantly working on the feedback from the users and brings updates regularly. Now you can customize the header and footer areas of your site visually, without any code. With Elementor Pro, you get a handful of Header/Footer Blocks at your disposal.

Should You Get The Elementor PRO Or Not?

Elementor Pro opens up a lot of possibilities to visualize your content in different ways and enhance the creativity way more than the basic that you get in the free version. So deciding if Elementor Pro or Free should not be a hard decision to make.

If you haven't use the Elementor yet. then we would suggest trying the free version and once you feel stuck somewhere and in need of more functionality, then go for the premium version.

Are you already using the free version? Then you must have already felt limited in various ways. If this true for you, then you know how to go for the Elementor Premium version.

After getting Elementor Pro, you might consider taking your Elementor experience to the next level with 3rd party addons. Here's the quick link to learn how to get the best out of Elementor with Essential Addons as it's the most popular Addons with 500K happy users and it brings 65+ advanced elements and FREE Elementor template library. Now it's time to go and create something awesome with Elementor and EA.

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