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Fuel up Gutenberg Blocks & Improve Your Storytelling With Best Embedded Solution

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Why Does Your Website Need EmbedPress?

Using this WordPress Embed Plugin, brands are getting the following advantages
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Create Interactive Content

Embed different media resources from 75+ content providers

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Enhance User Experience

Display content in stunning ways to helps visitors easily navigate

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Attract More Visitors

Improve your conversion rates using interactive media contents

Embed Anything & Make High-Performing Content

Unique ways to increase engagement rates & convert your visitors into paying customers
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Embed Facebook Posts & Videos

EmbedPress allows you to embed Facebook posts and videos. It makes easier for you to embed social media content into your WordPress site

Embed Google Maps

Embed Google Maps by pasting the URL and turn it into interaction content within your WordPress blog post or web pages
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Embed Google Docs

EmbedPress supports the whole range of Google Drive options including Docs, Sheets, Drawings, Presentations, and Forms.

Embed Wistia Videos

EmbedPress is the easy and fully-featured solution if you want to use Wistia videos with your WordPress Website.
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Embed Giphy GIFs

Embed gifs and memes to add humor to your WordPress posts. Use EmbedPress to embed content directly from Giphy.

Embed Instagram Images

With the help of EmbedPress, it is very simple to embed Instagram images in WordPress, you don’t need to mess around with any codes.
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Content Providers
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Happy Users
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Unlimited Content Sources & Super Easy Setup

Engage your users using stunning content from different media platforms
  • 1. get started
  • 2. Embed Content
  • 3. Publish

Easy to Install

Install EmbedPress on your WordPress site in just a few minutes.

Download & Upload Zip File

Download the installation file from WordPress.org and upload to your website

Activate & Configure

Once the upload is finished, hit Install and Activate EmbedPress.

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Pick Your Source

You can pick your content from 75+ different online sources

Pick a Block

Open Gutenberg and select a block from the EmbedPress tab.

Multimedia Rich Content

EmbedPress supports images, videos, charts, maps, documents and many more.

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Paste Source URL

Paste the link of your source content inside the link tab of EmbedPress block.

Hit Embed

Adjust the block as your requirements and your content is all set for embedding.

Hit Publish

Hit the publish button and your embed content will be live.

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Embed From 75+ Content Providers

Display images, videos, gifs, charts, docs, maps, audio & more

Flexible Pricing For Everyone

EmbedPress Pro
Agency Bundle
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Lifetime Unlimited


 / $199

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Agency Bundle Unlimited


 / $299

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Agency Bundle Lifetime


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