How important are Events Pages? Well, an Event Page might get the highest traffic on your website while they are up. This is why you cannot afford to publish a sloppy Event Page.

You might be worrying about all the working-hours you will have to put into creating a classy Event Page. And on top of that, the fact that the Event Page has to contain all the information regarding the event might give you nightmares. Let's put the last nail into the coffin, what about your supervisors? You will have to impress them with your work as well, don't you?

Create Events Pages with Minimum Effort

Forget everything written above. Why, because they will only intimidate you. In your professional career, you will come across situations where you will be asked to create an Event Page. And let's admit, there will be no running away. You cannot eliminate the necessity of an Event Page, but you can make the process of creating an Event Page fun and least troublesome. How?

Elementor Page Builder for WordPress

You might have already heard about Elementor. If not, here is a quick overview of Elementor. You can create any webpage, web content using Elementor without the need for writing codes. Yes! You will not need to write a single line of code. Moreover, there are hundreds of Ready-Made Templates to give you a headstart.

Get Elementor

Open your WordPress Website and navigate to Plugins>Add New. Search for Elementor and then Installs the Plugin. You don't need to buy the PRO version of Elementor for creating an Event Page. Once the Installation is complete Activate the plugin. But if you still want the PRO version, get it here.

Create an Event Page

Okay so now that you have Elementor installed on your website, let's start creating the Event Page.

  • Open your WordPress Dashboard and navigate to Pages>Add New.

  • Give a name to the Page and hit the Save Draft Button.

  • Let's use ‘Event Details' for the Page Name. Hit the Edit with Elementor Button.

  • Before starting to edit the Event Page, click on the little Gear icon at the Left part of the Footer Panel. Select Eleemntor Canvas from the Page Layout drop-down. Elementor Canvas gives you a completely blank canvas to work with.

  • Now let's open the Elementor Template Library. Click on the little Folder Button to launch the Template Library pop-up.

WordPress Event Page Template

There are hundreds of useful ready-to-use Templates in the Elementor Template Library. However, there are no separate Event Page templates. But there are enough templates that resemble an Event Page. For this illustration let's use the One Page template suited for a Meetup event Page.

But remember, there are countless possibilities when you are using Elementor. Search through the Template Library to find a template that best suits you. Once you find the template you are looking for, hit the Green Insert button.

If you feel like having more ready-made Templates for Elementor, try Essential Addons Ready Blocks. The Ready Blocks bundle contains top-notch templates for regular use.

Customize the Templates

So as I am preparing a Meetup Event Page, let's write down the sections that a visitor would expect to see on the Event Page. First the time of the meetup, you can use the Countdown Element to display the time on the Event Page.

Second I should also mention the location of the meetup on the Event Page. Let's use the Google Maps Element.

You get the idea right? Just search for the element you want to use and insert it. Once you are happy with the page hit the Publish button.

Use the Search bar inside the Elementor Side Panel to look for an element or just scroll down until you find the element.

So now we have an Event Page Template ready to use. But there is no point if the Page is not listed on your Website's Main Menu. Let's use your Website's Theme Customizer option to add the Events Details Page to the Main Menu.

Add Events Details Page to Website's Main Menu

Let's take a look at the current menu. There is no Events Details Page listed in the Main Menu.

Now you need to add this fresh Event Details Page to your Website's Menu. Go back to your WordPress Dashboard. Navigate to Appearance>Customize.

Go to Menus.

Click on the Add Item button to add a new item to the menu.

Hit the Publish Button sitting at the top. Let's take a look at how the Website looks now.

Wrapping Up!

See! Creating an Event Page is not as tough as you thought it would be. It should not take you more hour to create the page. Once you are done creating an Event Page using Elementor please share the page with us. So that all those who are new to Elementor, can take ideas from your work and help broaden the Elementor community.

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