How to Send Email Notification to WordPress Users with WP Scheduled Posts?

How to Send Email Notification to WordPress Users with WP Scheduled Posts? #

WP Scheduled Posts give you the opportunity to send WordPress users' email alert when a post is published, trashed, or have been scheduled. As a result, your users would be aware of the status of their current blog posts. Let's check out this below guideline to learn how to send an email notification to WordPress users with WP Scheduled Posts:

First, navigate to your WordPress Dashboard -> WP Scheduled Posts -> Email Notify. From here, you will be able to configure Email Notification settings.

Email Notification WordPress

From the ‘Email Notify' section, you can pick certain users whom you want to receive an email as soon as WordPress post is ‘Published', ‘Under Review', ‘Scheduled' or ‘Rejected'. From here, you can set the ‘Sender Email Address' and ‘Sender Name'.

You can simply just provide the user role, username or email and they will receive the email notification based on the conditions defined. Besides, you can enable the toggle to send an email specifically to the Authors when a post gets ‘Published' or ‘Rejected' as well. After you have made the changes make sure to hit the ‘Save Options' button.

Email Notification WordPress

After you have finished configuring ‘Email Notification', your users would get an email alert based on the criteria you have defined. For instance, when a post gets published, its author will get the following email:

Email Notification WordPress

This is how you can send ‘Email Notification' alerts in WordPress with the help of WP Scheduled Posts.

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