How to Automatically Tweet WordPress Posts on Twitter?

WP Scheduled Posts PRO allows you to automatically share your scheduled WordPress posts on your Twitter account. By connecting Twitter with WP Scheduled Posts, you can automatically tweet your blog posts in the scheduled time. This feature would come very handy if you want to grow your social media presence and give you brand some much needed exposure. Follow this below guideline to share your WordPress posts on your Twitter Account:

Step 1 – Retrieve Twitter API Keys

Make sure to retrieve your API Keys from your Twitter Developer Account at first. If you don't have a Developer Account, you can apply for it from here. It might take 24-48 hours to get approval for API Access. After you have generated your API Keys, you can simply go ahead and copy the Consumer Keys & API tokens.

Share Scheduled WordPress Posts Twitter

Step 2 – Connect Twitter with WP Scheduled Posts

After retrieving API Keys from your Twitter Account,  go to your WordPress Dashboard and navigate to wp-admin -> Scheduled Posts. Then, simply open up the ‘Integrations' tab and insert the respective API keys under ‘Twitter Form' section. After you are done, make sure to click on the ‘Save' button.

Share Scheduled WordPress Posts Twitter

Step 3 – Configure Social Templates

Switch to the ‘Social Templates' tab to make changes to your Tweet Template. You can configure the Tweet Template Settings and place around content parameters the way you want the tweet to appear. You can  show your tags and categories as ‘Hashtags' from here. Enable ‘Show Post Thumbnail' to display the featured image of your post as a thumbnail image in the Twitter share.

Share Scheduled WordPress Posts Twitter

Step 4 – Schedule Your WordPress Post & Automatically Tweet It Right Away

If you don't have any content scheduled beforehand, let's schedule a WordPress post. Let's create a new post and schedule it.

Share WordPress Posts Twitter

Step 5 – Final Outcome

After all of these previous steps are finished, your scheduled WordPress posts will be automatically shared on your Twitter account when they go live. This is how it will appear on your Twitter account:

Share WordPress Posts Twitter


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