There is no point of using your Website for selling your product only. How can you serve your audience better, if you do not listen to their feedback? And broadly speaking, it's not only about listening to feedback that helps to build good relations, but it is also about engaging with them. Some users might need assistance setting up the product you are selling, some might want to bulk purchase your product and some might want a refund. No matter what the reason is, you need to let your users communicate with you one on one. And placing a Contact Us Page for WordPress Website, lets you do just that.

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Important parts of a Contact Page for WordPress

What are the important parts of a Contact Form Page, you might ask? The list includes a lot of things. Firstly, you should include your Phone Number. Although communicating via social media platforms or through different Apps has gained much popularity in recent times, there are many people who feel comfortable talking over the phone.

Secondly, you should also include your Mail ID. Consider receiving important business partnership proposals via your Mail. Why? Because it is the most formal way of doing it. You should always have an official Mail ID for your business and display it on your Contact Us Page.

Thirdly, you should include your Office Address. In case your clients or potential business partners want to plan a meeting, they can look at the maps and find out the best route to take. It increases the convenience for them. And to increase that convenience to the next level, you can also add a Google Maps on the Contact Us Page.

And lastly, you should always add your social media links. Nowadays Social Media is a great media for driving traffic to your website as well as attain new customers. Moreover, more engagement on your social media accounts in the form of comments, mentions, likes and shares are also important. By adding your Social Links you are making it simpler for people who land on your Website first to become a part of your Social Media Community.a

Creating a Contact Page for WordPress

Now to create a Contact Us Page we are going to use Elementor. It is a drag and drop builder for WordPress. Elementor comes with a handful of  Templates for all the possible use cases. Such as the Pricing Page and of course the Contact Us Page.

Once you get Elementor for your Website, Launch the Elementor Editor and open the Template Library and search with the keyword Contact.

Elementor Guide: Create an Outstanding Contact Page for WordPress Website 1

Pick a Template for your Contact Us Page and click on insert. After the Templates loads on your screen, populate it with your own content. After you are done making the changes, you are all set to publish it. If you are new to Elementor, here are a few tricks for you.

And do understand the fact that once you pick an Elementor Template, you only need to populate it with your own content. That's the only job on your part. While you are doing that, do make sure to open the Navigator from the Footer Panel.

Elementor Guide: Create an Outstanding Contact Page for WordPress Website 2

The Navigator lists all the Sections and all the elements & columns they hold. While you are filling them up with your own content, go one by one. If you are new to Elemenor, all of these might sound very alien to you. But trust me they are very easy to use once you get a hang of them. In a nutshell, Elemntor divides the Editor area into sections and columns, which you can fill in with elements.

Wrap Up- Contact Us Form

To have the added benefit of having a Contact Us Page is via including a Contact Us Form with a message section.

Elementor Guide: Create an Outstanding Contact Page for WordPress Website 3

Your users can submit their queries via the Contact Us Form. The benefit it gives is, it gives you some time to prepare how you want to answer a particular query. Elementor comes with multiple Contact Form Blocks. But if you want some additional benefit, you can use the Essential Addons bundle for Elementor. It has Form Styler elements for Gravity Forms, Contact Form7, Ninja Forms, Caldera Forms and WPForms. And all of these elements come with the Free version of this Bundle. 

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