How To Build Your Own Wedding Website Today Using Elementor [No Coding Required]

A wedding is the most precious day for the Bride and Groom, which will be remembered for a lifetime. One of the very beautiful ways to make it more memorable is by creating a wedding website. Nowadays it has become a trend to create a wedding website, and people are jumping on board as a result. It will enable you to be ahead of the curve. If you search for a proper solution to create your own wedding website without any code and cost, then Elementor would be your one-stop solution. 

wedding website elementor

Why Wedding Website is Important Now?

A wedding website will help your guests to know about your wedding date, location, the bride and groom details or any other essential information about the special day in one place. You can set RSVP for the guests directly from the website. There’s no need to print any cards, which will save valuable time and money of yours. You will also get all the responses automatically that be saves in the chart, and can easily get the number of your guests. 

Another benefit of having a wedding website is to notify your guests about the gift registry, where you give the preferences to have a gift, also give the direct location there. Another unique thing is you can tell your wedding story, how you met, about the wedding plan and more. It allows you to stay connected with all updates to your friends and family. It saves your lot of time to distribute cards or inform them over the phone about all places. 

After the wedding, you can display all the wedding photos and videos from your wedding day within the website. Again your guests can easily see your images and videos in your website. It will give your guests an opportunity to view them, where they might not normally get.

So, when you are thinking to create a wedding website, you will think about the design, cost and where you will get the proper helo to make it. By using the Elementor pre-made wedding template, you can quickly create one without coding and cost all by yourself. 

How To Create Own Wedding Website Easily With Elementor? 

You can select from the readymade layout of your wedding website from the Elementor Library. Where you can edit the template content and publish your own Wedding website easily with Elementor. 

wedding website elementor

In template design, you will have beautiful separate blocks for introduction, Bride & Groom information, and a Fancy Content section to represent your wedding story, special comments and many more. You will also get blocks for Event Schedule, Location & Venue along with a full description, Google Map to detect the ceremony locations, countdown and RSVP blocks to help you out to insert every possible information about wedding, that easily enlighten your guests. 

wedding website elementor

But if you want to have an advanced and unique look wedding website stand out from others, then you can check out the special elements of Essential Addons for Elementor.

Use Advanced Elements of Essential Addons For Elementor 

Lets directly talk about the advanced elements of Essential Addons which will help you to create your own wedding website easily and quickly with Elementor.

Add Stunning Countdown For Wedding With Essential Addons

You obviously need an advanced countdown on your wedding website, which will give your guests a reminder about the day and time. By the help of EA Countdown, you can easily design it for your site. If you want to know the whole process of you can see our Countdown Documentation.

wedding website elementor

Create Awesome Wedding Contact Form Using EA Form Syler

You can create different styles form by Essential Addons form styler elements like Contact Form 7, WPForms or others to create RSVP form for your guests on the wedding website.

wedding website elementor

Design Advance Google Map With EA

You must need an Advanced Google Map to facilitate your guests about your wedding location. If you use the Advanced Google Map widget by Essential Addons, you can easily insert your location on the wedding website and help your guests to easily find the place. You can also see our blog for Goole Map and create one easily for your site. 

wedding website elementor

Showcase Amazing Wedding Images With EA Gallery Elements 

You can also use the Essential Addons Gallery element like Filterable Gallery to showcase your high-resolution wedding photos in a unique way on your wedding website. You can give a description or create separate parts for each occasion and style it in an advanced way. You can also check out the blog too for EA Filterable Gallery.

wedding website elementor

Sum Up

Everyone wants to make the wedding day special and memorable, which will be gladly remembered by them. To make the entire event very organized & appealing to your guests, you should definitely consider the ongoing trend of creating your own wedding website with the help of Elementor Page Builder. 

So, what are you waiting for? Why don't you use Elementor and Its ultimate library Essential Addons and let us know your experience!



Afrin is an Engineer in the meantime works as a Digital Marketer. She believes "nothing is impossible", if you have faith in Almighty, recognize your own ability and try hard to achieve your goal.

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