How To Create a Impressive Travel Landing Page Within Minutes Using Elementor

Travelling is no longer just a hobby rather it's getting an exciting new way of life. People used to take a vacation each year but if we look around, we might know a lot of people who take vacations and go on tours each month. Along with that, we see a lot of dedicated travel website as well. If you are interested to build one, here's step by step guide to create a beautiful travel landing page using Elementor Page Builder.

How To Create a Impressive Travel Landing Page Within Minutes Using Elementor 1
How To Create a Travel Website

Are you one of those people who is an avid Traveler? If that is the case, you must have hundreds of stories for the world. And one of the best ways you can document your travel stories is by posting them on a dedicated Website. With a bit of dedication and effort, you can create a Travel Website that can generate enough cash for your next tour.

Don't believe if anyone tells you creating a Website is a tough job. It isn't. You can build a Travel Website in minutes. In this blog, you will learn how to create the face of a Website-The Home Page. Some people call it a Home Page, some call it a Landing Page. Whatever name you call it, it's purpose is the same. Homepage/Landing Page is the page you see when you first land on a Website. For example, the Homepage of Facebook is a Login Page.

What Is a Landing Page And How To Create One?

The Home Page of a Travel Website should document moments from your memorable tours. Moreover, if you want to start a career as a tour guide, you should also include tour Packages on your Website. Do you see how having a Travel Website can be the first step to your Tourism Career?

Without any further discussion, let's jump straight into the art of creating a WordPress HomePage. In order to create the Page, we will be using Elemntor, the best Drag And Drop Builder for Elementor. If you haven't used Elementor before, you can start today. Elementor has a through Documentation Page. Start with how to get Elementor for your Website. 

Pick An Elementor Template

Luckily Elementor comes with a handful of Templates you can use for creating your own Travel Website. One of these templates will help you start at your front foot. Once you get a Page layout, you can add content and add styling accordingly. This is the only reason you should consider using Elementor Template if you are against using one.

How To Create a Impressive Travel Landing Page Within Minutes Using Elementor 2

Streamline Adding Your Content To The Template

After you have picked a Template it's time to fill it up with your own content. However, it might appear as a very daunting task, as you have to go section by section. The thought of hovering your mouse over the template and waiting for the Section to activate is too much to take. This is mainly because you can't access the Section customization options without first activating the Section.

You can launch the Navigator Tab and the Navigator App lists all the Sections and every column and element used inside them. This makes working with Elementor very easy as you now have a chronological order to get started tweaking the content.

To get the Navigator option, simply click on the second left icon on the Footer Panel. Once the Navigator is activated you will see a Tab containing information about every Section, Column and Element on the page at the right-hand side.

How To Create a Impressive Travel Landing Page Within Minutes Using Elementor 3

Use Elementor Blocks

Now it's very natural that the Template you pick for your page might not include all the sections you want on your Website. If this is the case, instead of replacing the entire Template, you can make simple tweaks to the template. For example, you can add Elementor Blocks to add new sections to the template.

For example, the Template you see above doesn't have a Subscribe Section. But Subscribe Section is very important for a Travel Website. As you need to inform your readers about new deals and offers for increasing sales. However, this doesn't mean you cannot use the above template. You can add the Subscription section any time you want. In fact, there are a handful of other Blocks you can add any item you want.

Set it As Your Landing Page

Once you are done adjusting the Template, you need to now assign it as your Landing Page. To do so, first, navigate to Settings>>Readings from your WordPress Dashboard. Under the Your Homepage Display tab, select A Static Page. After that from the Home Page drop-down select the template, you just created.

How To Create a Impressive Travel Landing Page Within Minutes Using Elementor 4

Once you are done setting the Page, hit the Save Changes button and open the preview.

Wrapping Up!

By now you should be able to create a HomePage for your Travel Website. Do share with us if you face any difficulties. And lastly, don't be afraid to try alone. The purpose of this blog is to teach you how you can create a Landing Page on your own, without taking help from others.



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