How To Create Amazing Pricing Menu For WordPress Site Using Elementor [No Coding Required]

Pricing Menu elementor
The product pricing menu or plans play a vital role for both buyer and seller. Once a Pricing has been well-documented on your website you, it can properly inform your potential customers what features come with respective pricing plans. Depending on how creatively you are able to showcase your pricing list for your products or services, it actually affects your…

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[FREEBIE] How To Make COVID-19 Landing Page In WordPress With 1-Click Elementor Template

Covid19 website Elementor
Do you want to create a COVID-19 landing page to spread social awareness during this pandemic situation? Don't worry, we have got you covered!😊 Introducing Covid-19 template by Templately - the ultimate template cloud for WordPress. Now you can instantly create an eye-catchy & informative COVID-19 awareness website with just a click and yes, it's completely FREE for everyone. (more…)

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How To Provide Instant Answer In WordPress & Improve User Experience Using BetterDocs

Instant Answer BetterDocs
Instant Answer helps you to get the reply right away just by searching it. In any Knowledge Base page, this instant support works like a booster to guide the audience. They don't have to roam around everywhere to find a perfect solution. It will provide the proper documentation support to your visitors right away. Your visitors would be able to…

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How To Solve “You Have Been Locked Out” Error In WordPress

locked out error WordPress
Have you ever been locked out of your WordPress site? Do you want to know the real reason behind it? It's a common error that almost every WordPress has faced at a certain time. It can be really frustrating. In this article, we will be talking about what can cause this annoying 'Locked Out' error on your WordPress website and how…

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How To Add & Display Google Calendar To Any WordPress Website With Elementor

How To Add & Display Google Calendar To Any WordPress Website With Elementor
Google Calendar is the most used tool for managing events and showcasing Event Calendar can be a great way to engage with your website visitors. If you are looking for a tool for embedding Google Calendar inside your WordPress website, the wait is over. Right from your Elementor Editor, you can now embed Google Calendar using EA Event Calendar element…

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Major Benefits of Knowledge Base Documentation To Scale Your Customer Support

knowledge base documentation BetterDocs
Nowadays customers search and analyze the products in detail before making the purchase decision. This is where your business can educate your consumer with a step-by-step guide using self-servicing knowledge-base documentation. In this blog, you will learn about some major benefits of maintaining a Knowledge Base Documentation site to scale your customer support. (more…)

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