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How Does NotificationX Increase Sales on WordPress Websites? 2

How Does NotificationX Increase Sales on WordPress Websites?

NotificationX is a FOMO and Social Proof Marketing Plugin that lets you display Social Proof pop-ups on your WordPress Website. This way you can create urgency among your potential clients and ultimately increase sales on your WordPress Website. As you will learn in the later parts of this blog, this plugin works perfectly with all popular e-commerce solutions such as…

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email marketing NotificationX

How To Improve Your Email Marketing Strategy With Social Proof

You can sell your products and services in many ways. But when you are doing online business, adding social proof is a must-have to promote your business to gain customers' trust and boost your sales in the process. Without a proper marketing strategy in place, your business can never reach the height you have always hoped for even if you…

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5 ways increase blog site engagement NotificationX

5 Effective Content Marketing Tactics To Increase WordPress Blog Engagement

Are you struggling to get blog engagement on your WordPress blog? Then you should immediately move your focus from this traditional concept to modern marketing policy. These days, what really matters is creating engagement. Content Marketers' main concern is producing interactive content so that readers will come back to their site again and again. Because when you really be successful…

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fomo popups NotificationX

How To Create FOMO PopUp For WordPress To Skyrocket Sales In 2020 (FREE)

Implementing FOMO Popups marketing strategy on the website can easily help you to drag your customer's attention on the spot. It will enhance your website traffic and boost the conversion rate more than ever before. It can instantly influence your audience to get engaged to your preferred link. Also, you would be able to enhance your site engagement, sales lead…

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How To Increase WordPress Plugin Download Rates & Increase Sales in 2020 6

How To Increase WordPress Plugin Download Rates & Increase Sales in 2020

WordPress Plugins are great way to extend the core functionality of the WordPress Platform. This is why WordPress is still the most popular CMS platform out there. If you are a WordPress plugin owner or marketer with the responsibility of increasing sales for your WordPress Plugin, you might feel confident knowing the sheer vastness of your target audience, which is…

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How to Display Custom Notification Alerts On Your Website Using NotificationX 8

How to Display Custom Notification Alerts On Your Website Using NotificationX

NotificationX gives you the freedom to fetch in Reviews, Comments, Ratings and Download stats from Envato, LearnDash, Zapier, ConverKit Email Subscription, Freemium, Mailchimp, WooCommerce and of course WordPress Repository to your WordPress Website. But there is more to NotificaitonX. NotificationX lets you create completely Custom Notifications from scratch for your WordPress Website. You can customize the Content as well as the…

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email subscription

Hacks To Grow Your Email Subscription List On WordPress Website

Do you want to grow your email subscription list on WordPress site? FOMO marketing approach is one of the most popular ways to easily take care of this hassle. It will help you to showcase your latest subscriber information in an automated process. With the help of NotificaitonX, you can easily apply this amazing technique and encourage your site visitors…

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