Independence day website

Instantly Create 4th of July Independence Day Website With Elementor Template

Independence Day is the biggest and one of the most important holidays in a year. On this day, you have the perfect opportunity to participate in the holiday spirit with an attractive Independence Day website on WordPress. The best part? There is no need to learn coding or even hire professional website designers; with the July 4th Elementor template pack,…

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Pricing Menu elementor

How To Create Amazing Pricing Menu For WordPress Site Using Elementor [No Coding Required]

The product pricing menu or plans play a vital role for both buyer and seller. Once a Pricing has been well-documented on your website you, it can properly inform your potential customers what features come with respective pricing plans. Depending on how creatively you are able to showcase your pricing list for your products or services, it actually affects your…

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Enhance User Experience With EA for Elementor Table of Content For Your WordPress Posts 2

Enhance User Experience With EA for Elementor Table of Content For Your WordPress Posts

EA Table of Content lets you place a floating TOC to your posts/pages right from the Elementor. Table Of Content is highly effective for lengthy blogs, having a floating TOC on the screen in order to allow your users to easily navigate back and forth between different parts of your content without having to do manual scrolling. Moreover, EA Table Of…

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Essential Addons 400K

Most Popular Elementor Addons Library: Essential Addons Hits 400,000+ Active Users

There was never any confusion about which one is the most popular Elementor Addons, yet we are extremely happy to annouce that Essential Addons for Elementor has reached 400,000+ Active Users proving its mass popularity. It hasn't even been that long since we hit the milestone of 300k Active Installations, but within  this short time, we got this milestone, because…

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How To Create Large Data Tables For WordPress using EA Advanced Data Table for Elementor 4

How To Create Large Data Tables For WordPress using EA Advanced Data Table for Elementor

Failing to present your data in a proper way, means your readers will fail to interpret your findings the way you intended them to. This is where Tables come really handy. EA Advanced Data Table helps you to present large data sets inside your WordPress Website using Elementor Page Builder. If you feel Tables are a better method for presenting…

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Essential Addons

Essential Addons for Elementor Turns 2 Years Old – What’s Coming Next

We can't believe that Essential Addons is already 2 years old! ? Time flies so fast, doesn't it? From the start of our journey, our ambition has always been to power up the Elementor page building experience for users from all over the world. Thanks to your outstanding contribution & constant support, we have been able to achieve tremendous success by becoming…

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SVG elementor

How to Upload SVG In Elementor Without Any 3rd Party Addons

Are you struggling to upload SVG images in Elementor? Well, it's your day and someone just listened to your wish today! Now Elementor comes with this functionality to include your images in SVG file format right from the Elementor editor, without using any 3rd party addons. With SVG files, your image content holds its actual resolution or size for all…

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How to Display Stunning Client Reviews & Add Credibility to Your Business 6

How to Display Stunning Client Reviews & Add Credibility to Your Business

Building credibility is a great way to grow your business and client reviews can play a vital role to increase your conversion rates. People tend to make the purchase decision by seeing the positive feedback from other customers. As testimonials are not typical sales pitches and have an impartial tone normally, so it can highly influence visitors to try out…

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Essential Addons

An Elementor Story of Amazing Growth: Essential Addons Hits 200,000+ Users in Less Than 2 Years

Ever since our initial release back in 2017, our main goal has been to enhance the page building experience for Elementor users. It has always motivated us to do better and go into the next level. Without the inspiration & faith put by our amazing userbase, it would have been impossible for Essential Addons to be the Best Elementor Add-on in…

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essential addons 3.0

What’s New in Essential Addons 3.0?

After reaching 1 Million downloads in WordPress.org, our team decided to go all in on a single idea and commit to something bigger and better than we had ever built before. We decided to release Essential Addons 3.0 to reinventing how addons for Elementor works, reinventing ourselves in a way that would change the page building experiences for our customers.Today,…

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