How To Display Key Information Outstandingly Using EA Info Box in WordPress

info box elementor
Do you want to display your key information briefly on-site Using Info Box? It can help you out to showcase your information briefly on-site to attract an audience. Whatever business or blog site you are running, it’s really important to show specific information in a way that people feel attracted to go through the whole thing. It’s really annoying for…

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How to Upload SVG In Elementor Without Any 3rd Party Addons

SVG elementor
Are you struggling to upload your images in SVG file format within Elementor? Well, it's your day and someone just listened to your wish today! Now Elementor comes with this functionality to include your images in SVG file format right from the Elementor editor, without using any 3rd party addons. With SVG files, your image content holds its actual resolution…

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How to Display Stunning Client Reviews & Add Credibility to Your Business

How to Display Stunning Client Reviews & Add Credibility to Your Business 2
Building credibility is a great way to grow your business and client reviews can play a vital role to increase your conversion rates. People tend to make the purchase decision by seeing the positive feedback from other customers. As testimonials are not typical sales pitches and have an impartial tone normally, so it can highly influence visitors to try out…

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What’s New in Essential Addons 3.0?

essential addons 3.0
After reaching 1 Million downloads in WordPress.org, our team decided to go all in on a single idea and commit to something bigger and better than we had ever built before. We decided to release Essential Addons 3.0 to reinventing how addons for Elementor works, reinventing ourselves in a way that would change the page building experiences for our customers.Today,…

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