Are you struggling to upload your images in SVG file format within Elementor? Well, it's your day and someone just listened to your wish today! Now Elementor comes with this functionality to include your images in SVG file format right from the Elementor editor, without using any 3rd party addons. With SVG files, your image content holds its actual resolution or size for all type of devices.

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Why You Should Use SVG?

SVG abbreviation is Scalable Vector Graphics which represent image content in XML format, and an XML file format images are both machine and human-readable. It helps your images to hold its actual quality without breaking any parts of the image.

So, there are several reasons present that people want to showcase their image on the website in the SVG file format. let's see some of those!

Scalable & Responsive

If you use SVG format, then you can easily scale your images like to fit your website design. It will display a responsive image as you can easily extend it or make it small without any loss of file quality or resolution. So, for this reason, web designers or web developers fully support the SVG file format for its better browser support and responsiveness.

File Size & Modifiable

In SVG format your image file size will be very small, so it will be easily displayable for any site requirement without affecting the perfect look. It can also be easily modified by JavaScript and CSS. Like you can reuse the base SVG images on different location of the site to meet up your site purpose.

Accessibility & Performance 

If you are using SVG file, it can easily be searched and indexed for its text-based format. As you know larger file image slow the site speed or performance. But SVG image file consists of small file size available with extended graphics, and faster the site performance.


Animation effect that you use in HTML files, you can easily use it in SVG images.  It can easily be styled and animated by CSS, which will not affect the site performance rather boost it.

Where SVG Image File Is Required To Use?

The SVG image file can be used in plain illustrations or diagrams, logos, icons, charts, graphs, infographics, maps, animations, live effects or any web-based applications swiftly. So, it can fulfill almost every aspect of your image formats with a greater extent.

So, let's see how you can add an SVG format image by using Elementor.

How To Use SVG In Elementor?

Now directly dropped into the matter of using SVG in Elementor! At first, you have to manually activate the SVG format through Elementor settings, and click on the advanced option to enable SVG format.


Once you have enabled the SVG option from Setting, then you can start uploading SVG in any post or pages.


You can upload the SVG file on the layout section, as an icon or logo. You can also style it and add advanced CSS to give a great outlook.


You can also use Essential Addons for Elementor elements of Info Box to insert proper details or caption your outstanding image!

Wrapping Up

One thing that you need to remember that, if you upload an SVG image then make sure that you have collected it from an authentic source or medium. Because Elementor will remove malicious code and sanitize the file if it finds any in your SVG file.

This is how you can easily upload SVG images on your WordPress website and give your entire design a unique look.

Any Questions? Feel free to leave them below in the Comments section.

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