Price Menu for WordPress has a huge impact on the buying decision of your clients. That is why you should put extra effort into creating one. Luckily, if you are using Elementor, you can create a Price Menu in minutes.

Create Price Menu for WordPress

There is a native Elementor element that lets you create Price Menu for WordPress. But there is another element that comes with Essential Addons for Elementor bundle that has more Features and Customization options.

If you have previously used the native Price List element of Elementor, you already know how its customization options are arranged. Rest assured the one that comes with Essential Addons have its Customization Options arranged in the same fashion. So for old users, only a few adjustments to the learned way of creating Pricing List will do. But for new users, I am breaking down the Customization interface so you can create a beautiful Price Menu within minutes.

A Better Alternative to Pricing List – EA Price Menu

Let's have a look at EA Price Menu‘s customization options. Along with the features of native Pricing List element of Elementor, there are some additional features. For example, when using the Price List element you had to create the Price Menu layout yourself. But with Essential Addons's Price Menu element, you can pick a layout for the Price Menu from a drop-down. We have explained how that feature works in the later parts, but first, let's see how different the basic customization options between the two elements are.

01- Type in the Title of the item.

02- Type in the description such as its ingredients in this field.

03- Type in the Price of the item.

04- Toggle it on to highlight items that are now available at a discounted rate.

05- Toggle it on to add images of the item.

06-Add image from this field.

07- Add links to the items.

Now you might ask can EA Pricing Menu be used to create better Menu layouts than the native Pricing List element of Elementor? Well, you should find that out yourself, but here are some Demos created using EA Pricing Menu element that should help you make that decision.

Instead of placing your items one after the other, you can place them side by side.

Or you can use both the layouts by dividing all the items into two columns and including an equal number of items in both the columns.

Price Menu Layout

Remember, in the previous sections I was talking about how Essential Addons's Price Menu comes with a drop-down to set layout? These layouts look amazing but the question is how difficult is to create such Pricing Menu layouts? Well, it will take a single mouse click, all you need to do is select a layout style from the Menu Style Drop-Down and you are done. The next thing you would need to do is add the content, that should not be a big hassle as it resembles the native Pricing List element only with some additional features.

Wrapping Up!

Was this blog helpful? Are you looking for a certain type of Layout for your Pricing Menu? Share your ideas on Pricing Menu and we would get back to you on how to create them using Elementor. And do make sure you visit our website for new content, we publish new blogs every week.

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