Summary Card with Large Image [Addon]

Summary Card with Large Image [Addon] 1

What is ‘Summary Card with Large Image'

We are glad to bring Twitter Summary Card with Large Image addon for all of our user. This is one of the newest card, and super useful for website who has content to share and nice image as well.

In one word I will summarize it as Photo Card + Summary Card = Summary Card with Large Image. You get the visual exposure of Photo Card plus content depth of Summary card, all together. Read details in Twitter Official site, we just automate the system and you dont have to code anything! But you must have free Twitter Cards Meta already installed, this is an addon.

How it looks:


Real Example Tweet Link as Summary Card with Large Image!

Why you must have this Addons?

3 Cards

# You must have main plugin Free version of ‘Twitter Cards Meta‘ already installed.

# After purchase, download the zip file.

# Go to the WordPress Dashboard “Add New Plugin” section.

# Click ‘Upload Plugin' from top.

# Locate the downloaded zip file and complete the upload and click to activate the plugin.

# After you install the addon, head over to our “Twitter Cards Meta” option menu, you will see ‘Summary Card with Large Image‘ is now available to select.

# Now whenever you are in post or page edit screen, you will get the meta box in sidebar to choose Twitter Cards type.

# Head over to the Twitter Card Validator Page, input an url of your site which you configured as “Summary Card With Large Image”. If it Validates, you have to request for whitelisting it. Yes, if it seems weird, Twitter require you to whitelist each and every Card type separately.

# Now next time, when you publish a new content and share in Twitter as link, you will get “Summary Card With Large Image”. Enjoy!

Video Guide: How You Use This Addon!


Does it need any theme customization or anything?

No, just activate the plugin and follow the steps.

Image dimension?

Images larger than 120x120px will be resized and cropped square based on longest dimension. Images smaller than 60x60px will not be shown. (From Twitter Cards guideline page).

Do you have more detail guideline?

Yes, check this page for detail guide.

How can I get Support?

Use plugin support button in WordPress.org extended listing.

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