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Easiest Solution For Branded Link Management

Boost affiliate revenues & create better marketing campaigns by cloaking and tracking your links with advanced features

Create Unique, Branded, Shortened Links

Quickly set up BetterLinks on your website to create and manage short, pretty, branded URLs

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Share Your Shortened Links With One Click

You can share your shortened links from your WordPress dashboard in seconds with just a click

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Manage Your Links With An Interactive Interface

BetterLinks comes with a simple drag & drop interface, which lets you manage your links faster

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Generate UTM Code Automatically In A Second

Just input the parameters in the UTM builder, it will generate & automatically add the code to your URL

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Monitor & Track Your Link Analytics

Track your click rate data and analyze it to check all of your promotional campaigns and measure your success effortlessly with BetterLinks

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Get Started With 3 Simple Steps

Just by following these quick steps, you can start using BetterLinks in a few minutes

  • BetterLinks 44 Install & Activate Plugin
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Install BetterLinks

Search for ‘BetterLinks’ in your WordPress

Download File

Download the installation file from WordPress.org

Activate Plugin

After uploading and installing file just hit ‘Activate’

Brought To You By The WPDeveloper Team

BetterLinks is created by WPDeveloper, a company that is focused on WordPress products, serving over 3 million users from 180+ countries around the world

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The Word is Out

BetterLinks has gained recognition from experts for its advanced link management features. We are grateful to be featured and acknowledged by top publications in the industry.

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BetterLinks Review: Is It The Best WordPress Link Shortener Plugin?

We have tested this plugin and found it way better than other plugins that are available on the market. We loved it so much that we migrated to Betterlinks on some of our niche sites.

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BetterLinks Review – A Worthy Pretty Links & Thirsty Links Alternative?

I've been using Pretty Links Pro for 4 or 5 years now and I'm converting many of my websites to Better Links. Why? The interface is nicer. It's faster and more intuitive. There's a great development team behind it. Betterlinks is an all-in-one solution for managing your affiliate links. It's a simple plugin that anyone can use to create and link to any short link or track all of their affiliate links. While there are other similar plugins, Betterlinks is one of our favorites when it comes to tracking your affiliate links.

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BetterLinks: A New Links Manager Plugin

BetterLinks is a new link manager plugin. It comes in a free version and a pro version and it has a lot of features for a new plugin. My interest was sparked when I saw that BetterLinks is from the WPDeveloper team. I own some of their other plugins and have found their products to be solid and support to be good.

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5 Best Free Link Clicks Tracking WordPress Plugins

If you prefer an advanced solution for link clicks tracking, you have to check out BetterLinks. It also provides you solutions for link shortening too. Using their drag and drop interface, managing links is much easier.

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BetterLinks vs Pretty Link which is better?

After analyzing the data on our platform, it's clear that whenever BetterLinks and Pretty Link go head to head within the same category BetterLinks Pro has continued to be more popular over Pretty Link

Don’t Just Take Our Word Hear It From Our Customers

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🌟A Gem 

This plugin is a gem.

Was looking for something like this for long time!

Nuno Palha

BetterLinks 57

The best part about this plugin is that it offers one-click links migration from the PrettyLinks which took me less than a minute to migrate all my cloaked links to BetterLinks with Zero-Hassle.

Mohammed Wasim

BetterLinks 58

WPDeveloper once again makes a GREAT plugin.

  • Easy to use
  • All the features you want
  • Good balance for freemium model
  • Great UX


BetterLinks 59

The best part about this plugin is that it offers one-click links migration from the PrettyLinks which took me less than a minute to migrate all my cloaked links to BetterLinks with Zero-Hassle.


BetterLinks 59

The best support in the planet! I was having problems with the plug-in, and those guys, mostly Patricia did an AMAZING job helping me out. They did everything they could and solved my problem, my website is working 100% now thanks to them. I appreciate! Thanks!!


BetterLinks 59

Works seamlessly. Great team and awesome roadmap.

Leo Koo

BetterLinks 59

Exceeded all my expectations +excellent support.Recommended for sure


BetterLinks 59

Very nice to manage affiliate links in one place


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  • Use on Single Site
  • 1 Year Update & Support
  • Link Shortening
  • Link Expiration
  • Advanced Redirect Types
  • Individual Analytics
  • Broken Links Checker
  • User Role Management
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • 10% Credit Reward
  • 25% Renewal Discount
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$599 $299

Agency (Lifetime)

  • Use on Unlimited Sites
  • Lifetime Update & Support
  • Link Shortening
  • Link Expiration
  • Advanced Redirections
  • Individual Analytics
  • Broken Links Checker
  • User Role Management
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • 10% Credit Reward
  • No Renewal Required
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Frequently Asked Questions

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BetterLinks gives you an advanced Drag & Drop builder, it will enable you to organize links in seconds. Moving links from one category to another is easier than ever with this feature. Most importantly you can add, edit and delete links all in one place.
Yes, you can add and create new links with BetterLinks. You can use the shorter version of the new link outside of your WordPress website as well.
You can easily export data from your website and store them elsewhere for further analysis or just to keep a backup.
BetterLinks makes it very easy to switch from other plugins to BetterLinks. It has a simple process to instantly migrate your data into BetterLinks.