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What Is ‘Schedule Calendar’ & How Does It Work?

If you have WP Scheduled Posts activated in your WordPress dashboard, then Schedule Calendar shows the list of your Scheduled or Draft posts in date wise calendar format.

Navigate to wp-admin -> Scheduled Posts -> Schedule Calendar. This is the basic layout of your Schedule Calendar:

Click on “Show Unscheduled Drafts” to see your all the draft posts which haven’t been scheduled yet.

You can hover over your scheduled but not yet published posts and make a “Quick Edit” along with other options such as “Edit”, “Delete” and “View”. For Published posts, “Quick Edit” option is not available.

You can modify the Title or the Content. You can also change the time of schedule or change the status to “Draft” or “Pending Review” as well.

Below the “Unscheduled” section, you can create a “New Draft”.

You can also create a “New Post” from the Schedule Calendar.

You can also drag a Scheduled post into the Unscheduled section and vice versa. This is only applicable to the posts which haven’t been published yet.

You can also jump from one section of the calendar to another by using the arrow signs.

This is how you can keep track of all your scheduled posts with the Schedule Calendar. If you got stuck at any point, please feel free to contact our support team here.   

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