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What Is ‘Schedule Calendar’ & How Does It Work?

What Is ‘Schedule Calendar' and How Does It Work? #

If you have WP Scheduled Posts activated in your WordPress dashboard, then Schedule Calendar shows the list of all your posts in date wise calendar format. With its impressive drag & drop capability, you can move your content from one date to another and schedule them on the day of your preference.

You can find the Schedule Calendar from your WordPress Dashboard. Navigate to wp-admin -> Scheduled Posts -> Schedule Calendar. This is the basic layout of your Schedule Calendar:

Schedule Calendar

Schedule Calendar comes with the Drag & Drop capability so you can easily go ahead and drag your posts to your preferred date. As a result, that particular post will be scheduled for that day. You will also see a message at the top when your post is successfully moved.

Schedule Calendar

You can hover over your posts and make a “Quick Edit”. You have the freedom to make quick changes to your Title, Content or even Schedule time as well. Besides, you can do the following: “Edit”, “Delete” and “View”

Schedule Calendar
Schedule Calendar offers you the chance to easily ‘Add New' post within the calendar.  You can simply then add a title, content and the Schedule time as well. Schedule Calendar

From the “Unscheduled Posts” section, you will find the list of posts which are currently in ‘Draft' status.

Schedule Calendar
You can create a ‘New Draft' from the ‘Unscheduled Posts' section. You have the freedom to add a Title and Content for the posts.Schedule Calendar

Besides, You can drag a Scheduled post into the Unscheduled section and vice versa.

Schedule Calendar
You can also jump from one section of the calendar to another by using the navigation arrow signs. You can also click on the ‘Today' button to jump right into the current month's schedule.

Schedule Calendar

This is how you can keep track of all your scheduled posts with the Schedule Calendar. If you got stuck at any point, please feel free to contact our support team here.