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How Does Auto Scheduler Work?

Step 1: Navigate to wp-admin -> Scheduled Posts -> Manage Schedule. Then use the Toggle to turn on “Auto Scheduler”.

Step 2: Simply then set the number of posts you want to schedule for each day of the week. It can be any number of your choosing. You can also set the time interval in which your posts will be scheduled as well. Simply put the time in “Start Time” & “End Time” fields.

Make sure to click on “Save All Changes” button.

Step 3: Now go to the Posts section of your WordPress dashboard and create a new one or select a draft. Under the “Publish” metabox, you would see the “Schedule” time appearing as per your schedule time interval.

The closest schedule day to your current day will appear in the “Publish” metabox. If the current day is “Sunday” then it will show the “Sunday” schedule time given the time interval hasn’t already passed yet.

Depending on the number of posts you have scheduled for that specific day, you would only be able to schedule that amount of posts for that particular day.

Step 4: After the post limitation for any specific day is reached, it will then look for the next closest schedule day. You will then be able to schedule the post on that particular date. That’s how it goes in a cycle.

This is how you can automatically schedule all your posts in your chosen time interval. Got stuck? Don’t worry. You can contact our support team here.  

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