How to Schedule Pages and Custom Post Types?

How to Schedule Pages and Custom Post Types? #

WP Scheduled Posts allows you to schedule your posts, pages, products or any other custom post types. To enable support for your preferred Post types, go to WP Scheduled Posts Settings from your WordPress Dashboard. Then, navigate to wp-admin -> Scheduled Posts. From ‘Show Post Types' option, you can control which post type you want to. You can select Pages, Products or anything you want to schedule.

Schedule Pages and Custom Post Types

Schedule Pages Or Custom Post Type #

Then, you can schedule any custom post type with Auto or Manual Scheduler. It will then be scheduled at your preferred time.

Schedule Pages and Custom Post Types

View Schedule Calendar #

Besides, you even have the option to view your scheduled posts in Schedule Calendar as well. For the post types you select, you will find the Schedule Calendar in that particular post type's menu. You can then check the number of posts you have scheduled in that Calendar and play around as you want. For more details on Schedule Calendar, you can check out this documentation.

Schedule Pages and Custom Post Types

You can also watch out the video tutorial below and explore all the videos related to WP Scheduled Posts with this link.

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