Using a Payment Method

Once you have picked a WordPress plugin you want to buy, add it to your cart and proceed to checkout. From there you can complete the purchase using a payment method.

Complete Your Purchase Using a Payment Method #

  • From your Checkout page, select a Payment Method.

Using a Payment Method 1

  • Fill out the Personal Info Form and click on Next.

Using a Payment Method 2

  • Provide your Card Information and click on the “Pay” Button.

Using a Payment Method 3

  • Download the Zip file from the Purchase Confirmation PageUsing a Payment Method 4

After the purchase is complete you can download an invoice. If you are new to WPDevloper, here is a quick Doc on how to Print the Invoice. 

Don't have a WPDeveloper account yet? As soon as you purchase one of our WordPress plugins or themes, for example, NotificationX or BetterDocs, an account will be automatically created for you on WPDeveloper Website. Use this URL to land on your Account Page. https://wpdeveloper.net/account/ 

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