Open Your Account

Every time you buy a WPDeveloper WordPress plugin, be it NotificationX or BetterDocs or Essential Addons, a WPDeveloper account will be created for your automatically.  However, you can always manually create your Account on WPDeveloper.

How To Open Your Account With WPDeveloper? #

Open Your Account, WPDeveloper, WordPress

  • Fill out the Register New Account Form and click on the Register Button.
  • After you have created an account go to this URL to check your Account Information or Update them if necessary!

Open Your Account, WPDeveloper, WordPress

  • You can change your NameChange your Billing Address and Change your Password from the User Control Panel.
  • Visit the Purchase History Page to see all the details about your purchase. Here is quick link https://wpdeveloper.net/account/purchase-history/ 

Want to learn how to Reset your existing Password on WPDeveloper? Here is a quick Doc on How to Reset Password. 

Even if you haven't visited our website before, but are using one of our WordPress plugins or themes, for example, NotificationX or BetterDocs, after you purchased their PRO plan an account was automatically created for you on WPDeveloper Website. Use this URL to land on your Account Page. https://wpdeveloper.net/account/ 

Here is a quick Doc on how to seek Support from the WPDeveloper Team.

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