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Purchase History

Use this URL to land on your Account Page. https://wpdeveloper.net/account/ 

You will see five tabs on your My Accounts Page.

Generate Invoice

From the Purchase History Tab, you can see a list of the items you have purchased from our Website. Click on the Generate Invoice Button to get invoices for your purchase.

We have a detailed Doc for how to print an Invoice. Make sure to check it out. Here is a quick link to Print Invoice Doc. 

Re-Download the Plugin Zip File

Click on the Blue View Details and Downloads button to visit the Purchase Confirmation Page. From that page, you can see all the details about your purchase as well as find the Plugin Zip file.

Get the License Key

Click on the Pink View License button to get the License key for the plugins. You will be taken to a New page.

Click on the Little Golden Key icon to get the Key.

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