How to Retrieve Lost Password

No matter which WordPress Plugin and Theme you are using from the WPDeveloper team, be it NotificationX or BetterDocsan account on WPDeveloper was automatically created for you.

If you have forgotten your password you need to reset it.

How to Retrieve Lost Password #

If you have lost your password for some reason, you can retrieve it by going to your WPDeveloper Account. Then, simply click on the ‘Lost Password?’ button.

Lost Password

Then, you will be asked to put your Username or Email Address. Then, click on the ‘Get New Password’ button. You should then receive a confirmation email with a link to change the password. Simply just open the link from your Email Account and Reset your Password.

Lost Password

Note: Make sure to look into the ‘Spam’ folder of your Email Account, you do not find the confirmation email in the Inbox.

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