How to Activate License on Multiple Websites?

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Here at WPDeveloper we have plugins for everyone at an affordable price. You can activate license all by yourself without the help of a professional.

If you have purchased a PRO plan and wish to activate it on one of your sites follow the below steps:

How To Activate License #

Login to your WPDeveloper Account. From the ‘Licenses’ tab, please click on the ‘Manage Sites’ button. You will then be directed to the ‘Manage Licenses’ page.

License Activation

Simply just insert Website URL and hit the ‘Add Site’ button.

License Activation

Congratulation you now know how to activate license.

If you have not bought a pro plan, you can continue to use our Free version. The links to the Free versions of some of our Notable Products are given below-

In order to see license validity for your purchase please login to your WPDeveloper Account. 

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