WordPress maintenance

Top WordPress Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Site Running Smoothly

Are you tired of your website being slow? Searching for a way to improve your site performance? Then, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will be discussing the top WordPress maintenance tips to keep your site running properly. Often people fail to realize the importance of maintaining their website on a regular basis. Your website needs…

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Ultimate Remote Hiring Guide Using easy.jobs 4

Ultimate Remote Hiring Guide Using easy.jobs

Remote employees have risen in number over the past few years, and this #COVID19 situation forced us all to work remotely from home. Along with full remote work, employees around the world are said to have worked remotely on special occasions. This trend is further consolidated by employers, they are now open for remote hiring. As found from a study…

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knowledge base reduce support pressure

Hacks To Reduce Support Tickets With Knowledge Base Documentation

Satisfying your customers is the main objective for every business to run and grow. If you are able to build trust, then your work is half done. Another half will rely on your professional activities. That's why you need to set customer support strategies that would reduce workload from your help center. So for that reason, an organized and well-managed…

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EA Event Calendar Elementor

Introducing EA Event Calendar: Showcase Your Upcoming Events Easily Using Elementor

With the introduction of EA Event Calendar, you can now create a stylish calendar of events without any coding. Bid farewell to the days of using third-party solutions and get yourself ready to design an eye-catchy Event Calendar on your WordPress website with Essential Addons for absolutely FREE. Take your Elementor page experience to an entirely new level by using…

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WordCamp Asia

WPDeveloper is Sponsoring WordCamp Asia: Come and Meet The Team

The first-ever regional event WordCamp Asia 2020 is just right around the corner. We are absolutely delighted to announce that WPDeveloper is sponsoring and participating in the conference in Bangkok, Thailand. The event will take place from February 21-23. We will have our own booth and will have a surprise and cool swags for you all. So, if you are…

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email marketing NotificationX

How To Improve Your Email Marketing Strategy With Social Proof

You can sell your products and services in many ways. But when you are doing online business, adding social proof is a must-have to promote your business to gain customers' trust and boost your sales in the process. Without a proper marketing strategy in place, your business can never reach the height you have always hoped for even if you…

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knowledge base BetterDocs

5 Reasons That Knowledge Base Reduce Support Work Load

Before buying any online product, customers make general queries on support to know more details. But after having it, they need proper guidance to get over any technical issues. Also, getting the same queries that kill both the time and energy of the helpdesk team to reply to it back. It's especially most effective for Tech-savvy business. A well managed…

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5 ways increase blog site engagement NotificationX

5 Effective Content Marketing Tactics To Increase WordPress Blog Engagement

Are you struggling to get blog engagement on your WordPress blog? Then you should immediately move your focus from this traditional concept to modern marketing policy. These days, what really matters is creating engagement. Content Marketers' main concern is producing interactive content so that readers will come back to their site again and again. Because when you really be successful…

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