How To Provide Instant Answer In WordPress & Improve User Experience Using BetterDocs

Instant Answer BetterDocs
Instant Answer helps you to get the reply right away just by searching it. In any Knowledge Base page, this instant support works like a booster to guide the audience. They don't have to roam around everywhere to find a perfect solution. It will provide the proper documentation support to your visitors right away. Your visitors would be able to…

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The Importance Of Social Proof For Startup & How To Gain It For FREE

social proof using NotificationX
If you are trying to grow your start, social proof is mandatory to gain credibility and create your brand image. It works as a great source of influence to help the visitors to make their purchasing decision. Even new investors might feel interested to invest in your business depending on your brand value. So your social exposure works like a…

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How To Solve “You Have Been Locked Out” Error In WordPress

locked out error WordPress
Have you ever been locked out of your WordPress site? Do you want to know the real reason behind it? It's a common error that almost every WordPress has faced at a certain time. It can be really frustrating. In this article, we will be talking about what can cause this annoying 'Locked Out' error on your WordPress website and how…

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Top WordPress Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Site Running Smoothly

WordPress maintenance
Are you tired of your website being slow? Searching for a way to improve your site performance? Then, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will be discussing the top WordPress maintenance tips to keep your site running properly. Often people fail to realize the importance of maintaining their website on a regular basis. Your website needs…

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Ultimate Remote Hiring Guide Using easy.jobs

Ultimate Remote Hiring Guide Using easy.jobs 4
Remote employees have risen in number over the past few years, and this #COVID19 situation forced us all to work remotely from home. Along with full remote work, employees around the world are said to have worked remotely on special occasions. This trend is further consolidated by employers, they are now open for remote hiring. As found from a study…

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Hacks To Reduce Support Tickets With Knowledge Base Documentation

knowledge base reduce support pressure
Satisfying your customers is the main objective for every business to run and grow. If you are able to build trust, then your work is half done. Another half will rely on your professional activities. That's why you need to set customer support strategies that would reduce workload from your help center. So for that reason, an organized and well-managed…

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