Landing Page Restaurant

Create A Killer Landing Page For Restaurant Business Using Elementor

With the rising popularity of Smartphone, we are giving more and more priority to our virtual life. This is true for your restaurant patrons as well. New customers would like to learn about you before they make their visit to your restaurant. And existing customers might visit your Website to learn about new discounts and offers. (more…)

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WordPress Locally

Beginners Guide: How To Run WordPress Locally (Step by Step)

Having a live Website is a great thing. But not knowing how to operate one runs the risk of publishing unnecessary posts on the website that will only make you feel awkward later. The primary purpose of having a local site is to test different plugins and themes. However local site is also equally suitable to familiarize yourself with the…

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How to Fix "The Uploaded File Exceeds the upload_max_filesize" Error in Elementor 6

How to Fix “The Uploaded File Exceeds the upload_max_filesize” Error in Elementor

It's a very common scenario to encounter the Maximum File size Exceeding error at least once for the WordPress users. The problem generally occurs when trying to upload a file or an image which crosses the size limit predefined from the server settings.  You don't have to worry if you are facing this issue as well. It can be easily…

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How To Design a Professional Photography Website Without Any Coding 8

How To Design a Professional Photography Website Without Any Coding

If your plan is to take your passion for Photography to a way of earning money, then you should definitely build a website to showcase your works. This will give you an excellent opportunity to stand out from the crowd and get new customers in the process. To maximize the quality of your portfolio and how much the business can…

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Wordpress Comments

How to Enable & Disable Comments in WordPress

Comments are essential part of WordPress websites especially if you are using it for blogging or business purposes. Since they encourage conversation between you and your users, it will massively help you to get valuable feedback from your audience. On the other hand, threads can require a lot of moderation to avoid toxic environment or any spam posts.  In this…

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Display All Your WooCommerce Products Using EA Product Grid For Elementor 10

Display All Your WooCommerce Products Using EA Product Grid For Elementor

EA Product Grid element lets you place your WooCommerce Products anywhere, even in your blog on your Landing Page and every other possible area on your Website. Luckily, this element will fetch all Product-related information, and that's for every product, automatically. This means all you need to do is adjust the styling of the Grid. Can it get any simpler?…

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