Flip Box

[Web Design Hack] Make Your Website Stand Out Using Flip Box for Elementor

Do you want to make your website stunning? Bring a new life to your Boring Content? Then, you should consider using the amazing Flip Box effect to break the monotonous vibe. Wondering what's a Flip Box? Well, It is an interactive layout which reacts when you point your mouse over it. You can use animation effects or customize the look…

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Different Uses of Timeline Element To Spice Up Your Website

What do people value the most when they visit your website? Yes, you guessed it right. They value creativity and inter-activeness of your website over everything else. Talking about the creative and interactive website, using a Timeline Element in WordPress could be a great way to display your posts/content in a way that people find it soothing. Content Timeline Element…

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Multilingual Website

How to Build a Multilingual Website with WPML and Essential Addons

Are you getting lots of visitors from different countries around the world? Then, you should definitely consider making your website Multilingual so that anyone can easily understand what your website is about. Thus, by breaking the language barriers, it can be immensely influential to take your business to a new level by reaching out to a wider audience. Well, a…

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SVG elementor

How to Upload SVG In Elementor Without Any 3rd Party Addons

Are you struggling to upload SVG images in Elementor? Well, it's your day and someone just listened to your wish today! Now Elementor comes with this functionality to include your images in SVG file format right from the Elementor editor, without using any 3rd party addons. With SVG files, your image content holds its actual resolution or size for all…

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elementor google map style

Add & Style Your Google Maps Using EA for Elementor

Don’t you think the online visibility of your company's location is now an imperative part of showcasing your business? Google Map plays a vital role to fulfill that job entirely. To ease the work of embedding your business location on your Website via Google Maps, Elementor comes with a dedicated Google Map element.  Google Map is a web mapping service…

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consulting landing page

Create High Converting Landing Page for Your Consulting Business In 5 Minutes

Are you concerned about your Consulting Business and want to take it to the next level? If it is failing to attract new clients chances are it must be due to poor exposure. To persuade people who need consulting, you need to communicate the key features and benefits of your service. And what better way to do it by creating…

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How to Display Stunning Client Reviews & Add Credibility to Your Business 2

How to Display Stunning Client Reviews & Add Credibility to Your Business

Building credibility is a great way to grow your business and client reviews can play a vital role to increase your conversion rates. People tend to make the purchase decision by seeing the positive feedback from other customers. As testimonials are not typical sales pitches and have an impartial tone normally, so it can highly influence visitors to try out…

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How to Fix the Establishing Database Connection Error in WordPress 4

How to Fix the Establishing Database Connection Error in WordPress

The Database Connection Error is one of the most common issues that WordPress users have to deal with. It leads to your entire website going down. Sounds frightening, right? Well, despite so, this problem can easily be resolved in just a few minutes. So, there's nothing to be paranoid about! Let's take a deep dive into what normally causes it…

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