Create Amazing Content Timeline in WordPress Using Elementor

Elementor WordPress Essential Addons Content Timeline Drag and Drop Page Builder
Elementor Essential Addon currently has 30 top-end elements in its library. With version 2.4.0, released in the mid-November of 2017, we saw the inclusion of two widgets along with other functionality improvements. You can check the Changelog to see what you are missing out. But for the time being lets focus on the newest addition to the Creative Elements bundle of Elementor…

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How To Add Custom Scripts To WordPress Header And Footer Through Customizer

We often need to inject some custom scripts to our WordPress websites. From Google Analytics code to custom tweaks, it's really handy to have the ability to insert some scripts which lacks in WordPress. Though there is a way to add additional CSS, you can't really add any scripts without editing theme or plugin. Using Plugin You can add custom…

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How-To Securely Give Support Access To Your WordPress Dashboard!

This is a common scenario when you need to give your Developer access to your WordPress Dashboard. Sharing your own admin account is so back-dated and risky, and creating another account and managing that is also troublesome. But thanks to amazing WordPress Community (Especially my friend Drew Jaynes) we have a smart solution now. (more…)

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