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WP Scheduled Posts Is SchedulePress

Rebranding Announcement: WP Scheduled Posts Is Now SchedulePress

With the beginning of a promising new year, we are thrilled to unveil SchedulePress, a rebranded and revamped version of WP Scheduled Posts, one of the most popular content planning tools for WordPress. By giving it a refreshed new look and identity, we are excited to share that from now on, WP Scheduled Posts is SchedulePress, and comes with new…

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Increase Twitter Engagement

Top Ways to Increase Twitter Engagement Rate From Your WordPress Website

Wondering how you can get more followers, retweets, and more on Twitter? We’ve got you covered. We’re going to show you the easiest ways you can increase Twitter engagement rate from your WordPress website. No spamming, no expensive tools required. These are some tested and proven ways to increase your Twitter engagement. (more…)

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Strategies For Picking The Best Time For Publishing Blogs On Your Site 4

Strategies For Picking The Best Time For Publishing Blogs On Your Site

There is one simple motive behind blogging - getting your voice heard. Making money, self-branding is also important but the joy that comes with seeing you have a regular reader-base, who admire your writing and take your opinions- seriously, nothing beats that! But creating a loyal user-base requires a lot of effort. (more…)

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share blogs on Twitter WP Schedule Posts

How To Automatically Tweet on Twitter When Publishing New Blog Post In WordPress

For years, bloggers have been looking for a solution to automatically tweet their scheduled posts on social media platforms. Since social channels give authors the chance to reach out to wider audience, it's absolutely crucial to share content on popular media on a regular basis. Hence, it's not surprising to see people sharing their articles on Twitter or Facebook to…

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WP Scheduled Posts

Introducing WP Scheduled Posts 3.0: Revamped Design & Exciting New Features

Ever since we have released WP Scheduled Posts 2.0, the response we have received has been nothing short of overwhelming. As always, it has inspired us to do something remarkable and bring something incredible for all our userbase. Today, we are very excited to introduce a brand new WP Scheduled Posts 3.0 with a complete overhaul design and exciting new…

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