Write Reviews

Tips To Convince Your Customers To Write Reviews For Your WooCommerce Products

If you want more sales for your WooCommerce Store, then one great way to do this would be to convince customers to write reviews for your products. Research shows that displaying customer reviews can help increase product sales by 270%. So, if you want more conversions for your online store, then you should definitely try to get more customers to write…

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Increase Twitter Engagement

Top Ways to Increase Twitter Engagement Rate From Your WordPress Website

Wondering how you can get more followers, retweets, and more on Twitter? We’ve got you covered. We’re going to show you the easiest ways you can increase Twitter engagement rate from your WordPress website. No spamming, no expensive tools required. These are some tested and proven ways to increase your Twitter engagement. (more…)

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How To Create Successful Marketing Campaign In WordPress Using NotificaticationX

Starting a business might be easy but maintaining a business and ensuring its success is the hardest part. If you are worried about your marketing campaigns, know that there are many marketing tools that will help you make your marketing campaign to be successful. Introducing NotificationX - an advanced WordPress plugin lets you leverage Social Proof and increase conversion/engagement rates…

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Connect NotificationX With ConvertKit: Grow Your Audience By Leveraging Social Proof

ConverKit is a popular email marketing solution that helps you to grow your blog and business. It lets you automate email marketing efforts, manage marketing funnels and more. If you are already using ConvertKit, we have good news for you, you can connect NotificationX with ConvertKit and display pop-ups to influence new users into signing up to your email lists…

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social proof using NotificationX

The Importance Of Social Proof For Startup & How To Gain It For FREE

If you are trying to grow your start, social proof is mandatory to gain credibility and create your brand image. It works as a great source of influence to help the visitors to make their purchasing decision. Even new investors might feel interested to invest in your business depending on your brand value. So your social exposure works like a…

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How to Increase Your LearnDash Course Enrollment Rates With NotificationX 2

How to Increase Your LearnDash Course Enrollment Rates With NotificationX

LearnDash is one of the most popular Learning Management solutions for WordPress. It is equally suited for Educational Institutions, Non-Profits, Developers as well as CEU Training Organizations. If you have an MOOC website similar to Udemy that you have created with LearnDash, then you know how tough it is to reach out to potential learners. But not anymore! Using NotificationX, you can…

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How Does NotificationX Increase Sales on WordPress Websites? 4

How Does NotificationX Increase Sales on WordPress Websites?

NotificationX is a FOMO and Social Proof Marketing Plugin that lets you display Social Proof pop-ups on your WordPress Website. This way you can create urgency among your potential clients and ultimately increase sales on your WordPress Website. As you will learn in the later parts of this blog, this plugin works perfectly with all popular e-commerce solutions such as…

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email marketing NotificationX

How To Improve Your Email Marketing Strategy With Social Proof

You can sell your products and services in many ways. But when you are doing online business, adding social proof is a must-have to promote your business to gain customers' trust and boost your sales in the process. Without a proper marketing strategy in place, your business can never reach the height you have always hoped for even if you…

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fomo popups NotificationX

How To Create FOMO PopUp For WordPress To Skyrocket Sales In 2020 (FREE)

Implementing FOMO Popups marketing strategy on the website can easily help you to drag your customer's attention on the spot. It will enhance your website traffic and boost the conversion rate more than ever before. It can instantly influence your audience to get engaged to your preferred link. Also, you would be able to enhance your site engagement, sales lead…

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