WordPress Posts have comments allowed

How To Check If WordPress Posts Have Comments Allowed Or Not

You can easily find out your WordPress Posts have comments allowed or not by checking simple settings on the WordPress dashboard. You can even change this settings for each WordPress post types too. We are here to help you out by with detail in this blog. Why Enable Or Disable Comments On Your WordPress Posts?If you are running a WordPress…

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WordPress Comments Using WP-CLI

How To Manage WordPress Comments Using WP-CLI

If you want to manage your WordPress comments using WP-CLI command-line tool, make sure you have the right plugin and command to get full control over your WordPress site comments. Without getting the exact one, you will be in a big hassle. So don’t you worry, here in this blog, we are going to give you the perfect solution to manage…

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WordPress Spam Comments REST API

How To Stop WordPress Spam Comments Made via REST API?

No matter what kind of website you are running, dealing with WordPress spam comments can be a nuisance. But fortunately, there is a very quick & easy fix for this problem. You won’t have to disable all comments on your website, or worry about moderating each comment one by one.  Today, we will show you how you can disable all…

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