Create Beautiful One Page Websites Using One Page Navigation for Elementor

There's a common misconception among website owners that having a single page website doesn't require any navigation. But the truth is, it is a key to boost your website design & traffic. So, this is why using a single page navigation is a must. If you are wondering about how to do this, you no longer have to worry. Because…

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Showcase Event Timeline For Your Portfolio Using Elementor

Who wouldn't want to exhibit all their accomplishments on the website? Not only it would represent you & your work to the outside world but it will also make you look credible. Just simply put, it is a must-have for branding yourself or your company. With the help of EA Content Timeline element, you can easily showcase life event timeline…

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How To Design Modern WordPress Sliders Quickly Using Elementor

Are you looking for some Slider design ideas? Elementor comes with a 'Slides' elements that you can use to create amazing Sliders for WordPress Landing Page. Sliders are useful not only for presenting content in an interactive way, it can be used with CTA buttons to trigger action from your visitors as well. Luckily, the Elementor Slides element comes with…

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Elementor 101: Showcase Client’s Logo Easily In Stylish Carousel

A Logo Carousel will not only let you display your client's logo on your website, but also build credibility for your business. EA Logo Carousel is the perfect solution in that regard. To make it more interactive, the element comes with the feature of adding optional External Link. Key Features Autoplay On/Off.Autoplay Speed Control.Infinite Looping.Support all Browsers.Touch Swipe.Drag Cursor.Fast and Active…

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How To Attract Your Visitors Attention With Easy-To-Create Progress Bar

You can never be too creative while visually presenting content on your WordPress Website. But how do you present numeric values in style and attract your visitor's attention? Simple! You can use the EA Progress Bar for WordPress to display any numeric figure with the right amount of styling and action. Progress Bar for WordPress In this blog, we are…

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How To Create A Photography Portfolio Website In Minutes Using Elementor

A photography portfolio website could be the most powerful Self-Marketing tool. By giving yourself public exposure and highlighting your work online, you can create brand value for yourself and attract new clients on the same time with your protfolio site. Create Photography Portfolio Website Some might say that a Portfolio website is more important than your Photography Resume. Why? Firstly,…

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