How To Manage The Missed Schedule Error In WordPress

Wouldn't this be really frustrating to schedule a content for your website and then only to find out that it hasn't been published at all? This is actually not a very uncommon issue among WordPress users. Now, imagine if there was a plugin to automatically prevent this from happening and keeping everything organized? Well, that's exactly what you can do with…

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WordPress 5.0: What The New Block Editor Means for Elementor

Gutenberg is the visually driven Block Based editor that has been introduced with WordPress 5.0. With the latest release, WordPress has replaced its Classic Editor, with Gutenberg Block Editor which was previously available as a plugin. For regular WordPress Users, especially the mass people like Elementor users got in the dilemma whether they should switch to the new version of…

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How to Troubleshoot ‘The Preview Could Not Be Loaded’ Error in Elementor

It can be really frustrating while using the Elementor Page Builder on your WordPress website and then running into a blank white screen. This error appears when trying to edit a page with a message "The preview could not be loaded". Is there a way to fix this? Of course, there is. Generally, this issue is caused by your WordPress…

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How To Let Your Viewers Compare Between Two Products/Images Easily Using Elementor

We all know what a Before and After image can accomplish. It lets you invoke certain emotions in your readers as well as to entice certain Actions from them. Compare Textual Features There are different ways to let your visitors compare between your and your rivals' product or between your new and your old product. For example, one way is…

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Put Spotlight In Important Data Using Counter Element for Elementor

Counter Element
Numerical or statistical facts are always capable of striking your visitors on the website. If you are considering to display your key company figures to grab the attention right after the visitor enters in your website, the EA Counter would be the perfect choice for you. Haven't heard about this before? There's no need to worry. Because we are going to discuss…

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