WordPress Posts have comments allowed

How To Check If WordPress Posts Have Comments Allowed Or Not

You can easily find out your WordPress Posts have comments allowed or not by checking simple settings on the WordPress dashboard. You can even change this settings for each WordPress post types too. We are here to help you out by with detail in this blog. Why Enable Or Disable Comments On Your WordPress Posts?If you are running a WordPress…

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WordPress 5.6 next relase

WordPress 5.6: What’s New In Latest Release by All-Women Squad (Screenshots Included)

The final major WordPress update for 2020 is here, and it is a historic, all-women release squad. The WordPress community has always been an inclusive and diverse community, and the new release of WordPress 5.6 is the first major update where an entire release squad is comprised of talented women in leadership roles. The update was released on December 9,…

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